Rails Farm – Smallholding – near Sherborne in beautiful rural Dorset


Private online Tuition in Maths, Science, Physics and German

We both worked as research scientists in London for many years. I am a Physicist and a trained Science, Maths teacher. My wife is a post graduate Biochemist and she is in charge of growing produce to feed our family of five.

I have been working as a Maths, Science teacher and a Head of Physics for fifteen years at several very successful schools. Those range from pupil referral units  to grammar schools. Therefore, I am an experienced teacher on all academic levels, from entry level certificates to Oxbridge entrance interviews for A-level students. Most importantly, is to engage students’ emotional intelligence as much as their academic potential. We will achieve this by relating everything to real life applications.

I am currently teaching Maths & Science at a local school in Dorchester and A-level Physics and Btech Science at Weymouth College. I love Maths and Science and enjoy teaching and tutoring those exciting subjects as a Maths TutorScience Tutor and Physics Tutor.

German conversation – Our German Roots

We are both native speaker and communicate bilingual with our children. So, if you want to improve your pronunciation and/or your fluency, come and speak to us. This might be for your holiday, your business or just the joy of speaking the language. Don’t hesitate and contact us. Dann koennen wir uns in Deutsch unterhalten.

Find us in iDorset and in Tuition – Private.

Yummy veggies, honey and eggs presented by our recently hatched chick.

Call in and purchase organically grown seasonal veggies freshly picked when you arrive. Equally freshly laid eggs and recently extracted honey. Don’t forget the delicious meat. Sorry the chick is not for sale.

Spun and carded WOOL is on sale.

Delicious lamb MEAT for sale

Duck and Chicken Eggs are on sale

Delicious 2021 honey for sale

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About us

Our nine acre smallholding Rails Farm is located in rural Dorset near Somerset and Wiltshire. You can easily reach our beautiful piece of land from Shaftesbury, Blandford Forum, Gillingham, Stalbridge, Sturminster Newton, Yeovil and Dorchester. Our journey, to become self sufficient and ecologically sustainable started in summer 2013. We began to grow fruit and vegetables, planted trees for fire wood, and acquired chickens, geese, and sheep. A rain water harvesting system supplies water to our fields, a poly tunnel, and our domestic washing machine. Ducks, bees, and alpacas joined the menagerie, and there are more ideas in the pipeline.

Produce and livestock

We currently have twenty seven Shetland sheep and two alpacas, all growing lovely soft fleeces. Our lambing season has started and six very sweet lambs are enjoying themselves on our field. There are five more ewes pregnant and we are waiting every day for more to be born. We professionally spun and carded wool for sale, locally and sustainably produced from our own livestock. Organically (not certified) reared, grass fed meat can also be purchased . We have pre -corona diced mutton and lamb meat in the freezer, ready for you to collect. £10 per kilo. Please call or email see contact.

Although we are not  certified, all our produce  is grown along organic principles. Our soft fruit, fruit, vegetables and hay have not been in contact with any artificial fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides. We produce our fertiliser from our own organic material. This has either developed in compost heaps and worm composter, or supplied by pony and horse poo from good friends in the village. This is because we believe there is only one planet, and that deserves to be protected and to be treated with respect. Hence our MOTTO, ‘live organic’ which makes everyone happy and healthy.