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My German roots







Komm und lass uns Deutsch sprechen….


I am German and lived in Bochum, a town close to Dortmund in the Ruhr-Valley area, for thirty one years. There, I went to a Primary school (Grundschule) named ‘Hohe Eiche’ (tall oak) after the road it is located. I continued my education at the local Grammar school called ‘Lessing Gymnasium’ named after a well know German writer of classical literature,  Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729 to 1781). I passed my A-levels (Abitur) in 1984, the most famous George Orwell year. My final A-level subjects were Maths, Physics, Geography and German.

Why you want to learn with me

I am a native speaker.  Come with me on a journey through the German language. We will have conversations about all parts of daily life, politics, literature, nature, our life on our beautiful smallholding or whatever you are interested in. Your learning  will tailored to you personally. It will be fast and enjoyable. Whether you are looking for school qualifications, e.g. GCSE or A-level, or you would like to practise your conversational skills for holidays or business, I will help you. You will discover the beauty of the language with all its funny and interesting sayings applied to daily life situations. Finally, you will be able to read an intellectual magazine like the ‘Der Spiegel’.

Where will you learn to speak fluently German – currently online only

Where do you feel most relaxed and open to learn. At home or on our farm in one of our beautiful outbuildings? The choice is yours.

Fees ‘Wieviel kostet mich der Spass?’

First lesson is courtesy, we get to know each other and can set the sail to start the journey through Deutsch. Please feel free to get in touch for hourly rates. Come with a friend to share the costs and to have more fun.