organically grown produce

Fresh eggs

£2 for six eggs from organically fed hens

Anton, our smallholding‘s lovely cream legbar cockerel, fed by our grandma, keeping an eye on his organically fed free roaming hens laying delicious eggs.






The girls are laying again. Six delicious eggs from our ducks for only £2.

Mo with his two girls, Millie and Michele, who are laying one perfect egg almost every day. You boil those for exactly six minutes and the egg white is firm and the yolk is creamy and soft. There are no better eggs than those. 





GOOSE eggs are back to be eaten. Their laying season has finished for this year.

We are laying BIG eggs but only in spring. You need a lot of soldiers when you are boiling them. We have a big fan, a really tall man who wears a long robe on Sundays. Fried up side down with some cheddar on a slice of homemade wholemeal organic bread is Christoph’s absolute favourite.






More exciting produce from Rails Farm in 2020


Hurry, it sells quickly, 01963 23818,



Pre-corona organically (not certified) reared and grass fed mutton, hogget and lamb meat from Shetland sheep is waiting to be served on your dinner table. Only £10 per kilo. Please call 01963 23818 or All our customer are absolutely delighted by the flavour.





Sheep and alpaca wool


Selling spun wool from our sheep and alpaca. We offer pure sheep wool and blended sheep/alpaca wool in natural colours. Dyed wool with natural dyes in future. For the spinners, we have carded pure Shetland wool tops for only £5 for 50 grams.

Knitters have the opportunity to purchase yarn of blended Shetland/Alpaca (15%) wool for only £7.50 for 50 grams.



Gaby in action, inspecting our bee hives for disease and welfare of the colonies. Our thousands of employees are flying out to collect pollen and nectar to feed their brood and to produce delicious honey. Our honey is centrifuged by hand and not heated. Hence, full flavour with all the goodies.

Third batch extracted, £3 for 227g and £6 for 454g either runny or set.


Next apple juice in autumn

Manually pressed and pasteurised in 0.75l bottles. Rails Farm produces apple juice from a variety of apples grown on our own land. We do neither use pesticides nor artificial fertilizers.Only healthy, disease, mould and rot free apples are hand selected and pressed producing unfiltered pure apple juice. sold out



All natural produce is grown without pesticides or herbicides and no artificial fertiliser

Chard ++++++ Beetroot ++++++ Courgettes ++++++ Parsley ++++++ Pumpkins ++++++ Basil +++++ Rhubarb


£1 bunch of spinach or chard or punnet of courgettes



For delicious gluten free cakes go no further than

in our neighbourhood.