organically grown produce

Fresh eggs

£2 for six eggs from organically fed hens

Anton, our smallholding‘s lovely cream legbar cockerel, fed by our grandma, keeping an eye on his organically fed free roaming hens laying delicious eggs.






I am sorry no eggs at the moment from our ducks

Mo with his two girls, Millie and Michele, who are laying one perfect egg almost every day. You boil those for exactly six minutes and the egg white is firm and the yolk is creamy and soft. There are no better eggs than those. 





£2 for one enormous GOOSE egg. They are so delicious.

We are laying BIG eggs but only in spring. You need a lot of soldiers when you are boiling them. We have a big fan, a really tall man who wears a long robe on Sundays. Fried up side down with some cheddar on a slice of homemade wholemeal organic bread is Christoph’s absolute favourite.




August  2018 HONEY

This picture shows the bee hives in winter when all the bees are resting and ensuring that their queen is nice and warm. However, they start flying out to collect pollen and nectar as the weather warms up.

£3 for a jar of 2018 honey.





Small bale meadow hay

unsprayed & unfertilised

Sold out

All our hay is neither sprayed nor fertilised except by our Shetland sheep and alpaca. We have still about 100 bales left from 2016. This makes it perfect for horses, donkeys, and alpacas. Our livestock and that of friends is munching it away every day.



Vegetables (from May)

All natural produce is grown without pesticides or herbicides and no artificial fertiliser

Chard ++++++ Beetroot ++++++ Courgettes ++++++ Parsley ++++++ Pumpkins ++++++ Basil +++++ Rhubarb


 HONEY £3 a jar (only 3 left)



For delicious gluten free cakes go no further than

in our neighbourhood.






Last year’s pumpkin harvest on our smallholding

We have successfully grown vegetables like chard, beetroot, courgettes, tomatoes and pumpkins







What are we planning to sell in the near future at Rails Farm?





Selling meat

Organically (not certified) reared meat from Shetland sheep available on request.





Selling sheep and alpaca wool

Selling spun wool from our sheep and alpaca. We are planning to offer pure sheep wool and blended sheep/alpaca wool in natural colours and dyed with natural dyes.